Acupressure To Induce Labor

by Carol Roberts, Childbirth Researcher on August 10, 2009

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As one of the most popular methods, using acupressure to induce labor is recommended. It is a massage technique based upon traditional Chinese practices. The practice is based upon a series of time-tested strategies which are designed to relieve pressure in the body’s joints. Considered a popular form of alternative medicine, the technique is widely used among expectant mothers seeking an alternative to medical birth induction.

Structured around principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure softens the joints and removes tension from the body. Medical professionals play a key role in the pregnancy process, so always check with your nurse or doctor before determining the most effective course of natural treatment for you.

If you decide to proceed with acupressure to induce labor you have two options: do it yourself late in pregnancy, or start going to someone early on.

If you want to visit a practitioner, make sure that you are working with a certified, trained acupuncturist who understands the sensitivities of the body during pregnancy. During the technique, it’s important to understand the functions and stresses on the female body. Under Traditional Chinese Medical, the body is mapped out to over 500 pressure points, many of which play a crucial role in pregnancy process.

Overall, Acupressure should be to the benefit of the physical and emotional well being of the expectant mother and child. Make sure to communicate with your massage professional during the process, so she or he understands how you feel and can adjust accordingly. Before you begin the process, understand the philosophy and principles of the care giver, and make sure they are aligned with your personal beliefs.

Before your first therapy session, the acupressure therapist can help you to understand the various pressure points and how the process works. Take time to experience the basic technique to ensure you are fully comfortable with the process. In general, the pressure is firm and applied with some force by the thumb or knuckle to various points on the body. A support is necessary to ensure proper resistance so that the right level of pressure may be applied.

Depending on where you are in terms of your due date, an acupressure therapist may recommend differing courses of treatment. If your main goal is to use acupressure to induce labor, they will be able assist you. In either case, make sure that you agree with the course of action and that it aligns with the recommendations of your primary medical professional. Taking a natural course to inducing labor can be advantageous, especially if it’s done in concert with the findings of scientific research. Many practitioners recommend a variety of approaches to the subject, including a balance of therapeutic and traditional medicinal strategies.

Pregnancy can be a challenging experience, and acupressure is one strategy that many expectant mothers have utilized with success to ensure a proper, healthy delivery. Keep in mind that the focus of the exercise is both physical and emotional: inducing labor is about coming to relax and understand how the process impacts your body. The end goal of a successful set of therapy sessions is, above all, a healthy pregnancy and that should be the main focus is you decide to try acupressure to induce labor.

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cassandra wade June 18, 2012 at 8:26 pm

hi im cassandra in im 38 weeks pregnant in i wanna go in labor im misrable takeing care of two kids my baby has dropped in it like everday i feel he getting lower ive tryed sex in i have contractions up until morning then it goes away i need to know how i can go into labor ive tryed almost everything i can think of nothing seems to work please i can usse some advice

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