Black Cohosh to Induce Labor

by Carol Roberts, Childbirth Researcher on May 26, 2011

Black Cohosh tablets. Can it really induce labor? Some people say so, but we have found much more effective methods. Read our free labor guide to discover what they are.

If you are trying to find a way to naturally and safely induce labor at home, you probably have been researching some of the herbs which are recommended. One of those herbs is black cohosh. Black cohosh to induce labor is a popular technique which has been recommended by midwives for centuries.

Does black cohosh really work to induce labor? If so, how and why?

It is believed that the stem and leaves of black cohosh contain a compound similar to estrogen. The compound is called phytoestrogen, and by consuming it, your body is triggered into producing Oxytocin. Oxytocin is the same chemical released during sex which ripens the cervix and causes contractions. These contractions can lead you to go into labor.

How should you take black cohosh to induce labor? You should certainly consult with your physician before deciding to use black cohosh, since overdoing it can harm you and your unborn child. You shouldn’t take black cohosh prior to your 37th week of pregnancy, or else you risk a miscarriage. It is recommended that you use no more than five drops of black cohosh mixed into tea or water twice a day at first. If you notice no change after a week, you can increase your dose to ten drops twice a day. If you get your black cohosh in tablet form, take no more than three tablets of 500mg each every day at first. If you notice no change, a slight increase in dose will be all right after about a week.

Note that if you overdose on black cohosh, not only can you miscarry, but you can also suffer from postpartum hemorrhage or prolonged bleeding. If you have uterine fibroids or breast cancer, black cohosh is considered adverse to your health. If you happen to be allergic to aspirin, you probably are allergic to black cohosh as well. All of these potential dangers are good reasons to consult your doctor first. You should make sure black cohosh is right for you and make sure you use the right dose. Even though this herb is all natural, too much of it can harm you.

If for whatever reason you cannot take black cohosh, or you want to take further steps because black cohosh isn’t doing the trick, then you can try other natural ways to induce labor at the same time or instead of black cohosh. Exercise is a common method of inducing labor. Something light like walking is all you should do.

If you haven’t thought of trying acupressure, you probably should. Acupressure is an Eastern practice which goes back hundreds of years. By applying pressure to points on your body, you can regulate your energy flow and cleanse your energy field. This can be enough to get many women to go into labor. You can perform acupressure on yourself, or you can hire a professional acupressurist to perform it on you. Labor within 48 hours of acupressure is common.

Black cohosh is a good method for inducing labor for many women, but for some it isn’t enough, and for others, it works best in combination with other techniques like acupressure.

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