How To Induce Labor

by Carol Roberts, Childbirth Researcher on July 16, 2009

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Need to know how to induce labor? After 39 or 40 weeks of pregnancy join the club! Lots of women are ready to have their baby come out around that time and want to learn how to induce labor safely.

Keep in mind that sometimes if your body is simply not ready, the labor induction will not work. Even if you’re at 40 weeks this can be true.

The main methods of how to induce labor can be broken down into two categories. Those involving drugs, and those without. Because there are only a few of ways doctors learn for how to induce labor, we’ll explore on the natural methods of inducing labor.

Remember that anything medical can have possibly negative side effects. See your midwife if there is any doubt in your mind. These methods should work, but don’t forget to keep safety always in mind.

Best way how to induce labor: Acupressure

We recommended this because many moms used this acupressure guide to induce labor in hours. Acupressure is part of Chinese traditional medicine and involves applying pressure using your fingers to precise parts of your body. By stimulating certain places, some women start contractions within a few hours. Using acupressure to induce labor a very simple process and starts in over 80% of women who are ready. It also has the added bonus of being a natural pain killer.

Sex – There are a number of ways sex can induce labor. First off, semen can help ripen your cervix since it has certain chemicals called prostaglandins. Contractions can also be started from having an orgasm. Also, by relaxing physically and emotionally to have sex, you might remove a mental barrier to starting labor. It might be tough if you’re not in the mood for sex. For women wanting to know how to induce labor, this is the most fun way.

Moving Around – Is your baby not descending fast enough? If so, how about trying some simple physical movements. Some good things to try are swimming, doing easy lunges, or brisk walking. With luck, these activities might help rotate your unborn child lower to get your contractions going. And don’t forget – any physical activity at all is good for your body in general!

Relax! – The main ingredients fora successful labor is to star relaxed. If you are upset or worrying a lot, your body is not going to start labor. You’ve already started to get control by learning how to induce labor, so you can relax. Anything safe to promote relaxation is recommended. How about a talking a nice walk or watching a favorite movie? If not, try doing any of you favorite activities.

Eat Fruit – Some expecting women swear that eating pineapple or mango induced labor for them. Scientists have found numerous enzymes in these fruits are useful for assisting in the ripening of your cervix.

Herbal Solutions – There are several herbs that you can try to induce labor, but if you are not knowledgeable about herbs be careful. But for those women that know a naturopath, herbalist, or understanding doctor, discuss evening primrose oil, nettle tea, and black and blue cohash as an option. These are traditional herbal remedies taken to start contractions and lots of women have said they work.

Nipple Stimulation – Special hormones bring on labor contractions, which can jump-start your labor. By stimulating your nipples, you make your body to release a hormone called oxytocin. It is so useful, the main medical method used to start labor is the synthetic form of oxytocin. So why use the doctor’s version if you can try the natural version yourself?

What do all these methods have in common? For starters all these ways are attempting to get your body to begin having contractions and get your baby to descend safely. When doctors learn how to induce labor it is usually using drugs very much like the ones your body already makes. The other methods are meant to ensure your cervix is ripe enough, and to get your body going.

As you can see, there are several methods to learn how to induce labor. Are you uncertain about when your baby will finally come out? For most women there is uncertainty about when they will go into labor. By making sure to listen to your body and working with it, you can be holding your newborn very soon.

If you only try 1 thing to induce labor, try the guide that can induce labor in 24 hours with acupressure.

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Corrina March 28, 2011 at 6:12 pm

I ate a whole fresh pineapple at 4 pm may 4th, and at 3 am may 5th i went into labor!!! 18 hours later i healthy baby boy!.. I was 38 weeks pregnant

Andrea November 19, 2012 at 1:02 pm

I have been eating fresh pineapple for a week now and walking like crazy, tried sex and nothing seems to be working. I am getting frusterated with being pregnant!

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