How to Induce Labor Naturally

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by Carol Roberts, Childbirth Researcher on April 25, 2011

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It’s easy to feel as though labor is becoming a prolonged event; while sometimes this is just impatience, other times it’s correct. Sometimes when you feel ready to have your baby, you really are; you just need a little help getting the process rolling.

The first thought for many women is to take a labor-inducing medication such as Pitocin. There are many reasons why you want to avoid this course though.

If you’ve found this article, odds are you already are aware of some of the drawbacks for labor-inducing drugs including dangerous side effects like anaphylactic shock, cardiac arrhythmia, vomiting and more. Physicians don’t even know yet what these drugs do to your unborn child. If you’re wrong about being ready, taking one of these medications can hurt both of you.

Instead, you probably want to learn how to induce labor naturally. Inducing labor naturally will prevent you from endangering yourself or your baby. These methods are gentler and have been used by pregnant women for centuries.

What are some natural ways to induce labor?

There are a variety of natural ways to induce labor you can try. First I’ll show you some of the traditional herbal and food remedies. Then I’ll show you about a very effective method that is gaining popularity because it can make you go into labor within just 48 hours.

Herbal and food remedies

As touched on in the video above, there are many food items and herbs which you can use to encourage your body to go into labor including raspberry leaf tea, pineapple, black cohosh, primrose oil, cumin tea, castor oil, or ginger root. If you are suffering from pain during labor or lack of energy, you can then add ginseng, motherwort, skullcap, or St. John’s wort to lessen the edge.

Other options include using exercises to induce labor, having sex, nipple stimulation, or an enema. You can also try relaxation and visualization exercises to reduce stress and encourage your body and mind into a state of readiness to give birth.

An even more reliable method

  • Acupressure has been around for centuries
  • You can induce labor naturally with acupressure
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Perhaps two of the most reliable methods for inducing labor are acupuncture and acupressure. Acupuncture is a treatment developed in the Far East during which needles placed in strategic points of the body can stimulate and correct the flow of energy. By removing energetic blockages in your flow, an acupuncturist can tackle the root of whatever physical problem may be obstructing your ability to go into labor. If you’re wary of needles, you can try acupressure instead, which is the same process, only instead of using needles, the acupressurist applies pressure to pressure points which have the same effect.

Medical Research Result: Many women who go in for acupuncture or acupressure treatments go into labor within just 48 hours of their appointments! These women typically have a labor time of 4-5 hours.

Why does acupressure work? Many times, it isn’t a physical ailment which is preventing you from going into labor, but a problem with your energy flow. These problems can arise from fears or anxiety, even the anxiety that your labor will be late! By removing these blockages in your energy field (and you can view the body as a collection of energy fields), the blockages can be removed from your body, and then you’ll be able to give birth.

There are many great ways to induce labor naturally. Whether you try herbs, meditation, or acupressure or acupuncture, you will be making a healthier choice than drugs.

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