Induce Labor Yourself

by Carol Roberts, Childbirth Researcher on July 6, 2011

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If you’re in your 39th week of pregnancy or later, it may be time to consider whether to induce labor yourself. While 39 weeks is still slightly early, this is the point at which your baby is considered ready to come to term. If you start trying to induce labor at 39 weeks, you may manage to go into labor on time. You don’t want your pregnancy to extend past 42 weeks, but you also don’t want to go into labor before 39 weeks, or you risk injury to your baby.

How can you induce labor yourself?

Many techniques exist to induce labor yourself. Some of these are not recommended at all, like taking labor inducing pills, which can harm you or your baby. Others, like castor oil, could be considered as a last result since they place undue stress on you and your baby.

Easier and more moderate tactics include eating foods and herbs which induce labor, doing exercises which induce labor, and doing acupressure or reflexology on yourself. If you’re going to exercise or use herbs, be sure to have a conversation with your physician first so that you make sure you aren’t doing anything inappropriate.

What herbs can you use to induce labor? Evening primrose oil, black and blue cohosh, ginger root, raspberry leaf, and cumin are also popular choices with high success rates reported by users. Foods which you can try to induce labor with include pineapple (reported to have a high success rate), spicy foods, balsamic vinegar, and eggplant. The great thing about foods is that unlike herbs, you can’t really overdose on them. Obviously you should still maintain a properly balanced diet, but you can eat these foods without worrying about causing harm.

Exercise is another good choice to induce labor yourself. Exercises should again be moderate in nature and not overtax you. Walking for a half hour a day in your final weeks of pregnancy is one suggestion, another is to use a birthing ball which you can bounce on while watching television. You might also attempt stair or squatting exercises. Sex is yet another form of exercise that has been known to induce labor.

Finally, you may think you can only get reflexology or acupressure with the assistance of a professional, and while you probably will get the best results that way, you can actually perform either on yourself with the help of some directions and charts and possibly your partner. Unlike acupuncture, no special equipment (i.e. needles) is required, and all that is involved is pressure points throughout your body. By putting pressure on these areas, you can release certain chemicals from your glands and also release blocked up energy, inducing labor if it’s time.

Inducing labor yourself can be simple and effective. Just make sure that you observe safety guidelines and also proper timing before deciding to do so. Your goal is to help your baby to have a healthy birth. If you use acupressure and other safe and natural methods, you’ll soon be meeting your new son or daughter!

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