Reflexology to Induce Labor

by Carol Roberts, Childbirth Researcher on June 7, 2011

Does reflexology induce labor? It can be very effective. Download our guide to using reflexology to induce labor for free now.

Do you want to make sure that your baby will be born on time or near to term? While pregnancy is an exciting time in a mother’s life, childbirth is even more exciting since that is when you finally get to meet your baby.

If you want to induce labor yourself, there are a number of options ranging from pills to herbs to exercises and more. Pills are not suggested since they can have undesirable side effects for you and your baby. Rather than trying to induce labor with drugs, it is far better to take a safer, more natural approach. There are many methods you can use to induce labor, most of which cost nothing or next to nothing and which you can do without help if you choose. One of those popular and effective methods is reflexology.

Reflexology to induce labor is one technique which is gentle and natural. Reflexology is a specialized form of foot massage which is related to acupressure. Like acupressure, reflexology involves stimulating particular points which regulate energy in your body. Reflexology is usually performed on the feet, but can also be performed on the hands.

Some points for inducing labor with reflexology include the inside of the heel, the arch of the foot, the space between the big and second toes, and a point on the middle of your thumb. A chart can help you to find the points correctly. Most of them will feel somewhat tender once you locate them. These points not only affect your energy field but also can trigger specific physiological results. For instance, the point on your thumb is connected to your pituitary gland, which releases Oxytocin, a hormone which produces contractions. Take note that the spot on the arch of your foot is considered good for controlling pain during contractions as well. It can help you during delivery if someone is available to press it for you.

A related field is acupressure, which involves stimulating similar points throughout the body. Acupressure is mostly intended to re-align and balance your energy field and remove obstructions which could be causing you physical problems. Many women say that acupressure helped them as much as reflexology, even resulting in labor starting within just two days of acupressure.

Along with reflexology and acupressure, you can try some exercises like walking or squatting in order to put further pressure on the cervix to get it to contract. You can also try eating spicy foods or pineapple, or using herbs like black cohosh or ginger root. Teas concocted of cumin or red raspberry leaf are believed to help produce contractions as well.

With so many natural methods of inducing labor which you can easily do at home, you won’t need to use drugs which might harm your baby or yourself. Reflexology and acupressure are two powerful methods of inducing labor, both of which you can perform yourself. If you prefer, you can always consult with a professional for even more accurate reflexology and acupressure services.

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