Using Evening Primrose Oil to Induce Labor

by Carol Roberts, Childbirth Researcher on April 25, 2011

Evening Primrose oil pills. Do they work? Find out the answer (and all the other ways to induce labor) in our free guide.

Are you approaching nine full months, and want to make sure you have your baby on time, or even a couple days early? Pregnancy is a very special time in many women’s’ lives, but it’s also a challenging one, and when you get close to the end, you probably are more than ready to have that baby, both so that you can go back to normal physically and start enjoying spending some time with your baby.

There are many techniques to induce labor once you reach 39 weeks, and not before. One of the most common is labor inducing pills. These pills are not formulated to work with the natural rhythms of your body though. If you take labor inducing pills too soon and you aren’t ready to give birth, you can risk a severe reaction which will harm both you and your baby. Many women want to find natural ways of inducing labor as a result. Fortunately there are many options available naturally which will only induce labor if you really are prepared to give birth. They will not hurt you or your baby.

One herb which is popular for women trying to induce labor is evening primrose oil. You should consult with a physician before deciding to use any herb to induce pregnancy. These herbs aren’t always appropriate for everyone, though evening primrose oil is safe for most women.

There are several ways you can use primrose oil to induce labor.

You can either take the evening primrose capsules orally, or you can crush them and rub the oil onto your cervix during your final weeks of pregnancy. You can also simply insert the evening primrose tablets into your vagina and wait for them to dissolve. The effect of evening primrose oil is to induce muscle contractions in the cervix, much in the manner of prostaglandins.

Who shouldn’t use evening primrose oil to induce labor?

If you have placenta previa (where the placenta is partially or fully blocking the opening of your cervix), you shouldn’t use evening primrose oil. There may be other conditions which make the use of primrose oil unsafe too, so be sure to ask a health practitioner before you decide to try it.

What can you do if you can’t use evening primrose oil?

Along with many other choices of herbs and foods and activities that you will find out when reading about how to induce labor, you could try acupuncture or acupressure. These are dependable methods for inducing labor that have helped numerous women to give birth within just 48 hours of treatment. Labor after an acupressure or acupuncture treatment usually lasts 4-5 hours. Even women who have been late for weeks often find that this solves their problem. How do acupuncture and acupressure work? These traditional techniques from China kindle the flow of energy in your body, removing obstructions physically, emotionally, and spiritually, which may be inhibiting you from going into labor.

Evening primrose oil, acupressure, and many more methods exist to help you go into labor. You don’t need to resort to dangerous drugs when so many safe, cost effective and reliable solutions are right in front of you.

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Beckx February 25, 2012 at 9:45 pm

My daughter is now 4months old. When I was 39weeks I asked my midwife if she could sugest something to help labour along. She sugested I take 1000mg of EPO 3times a day and poke a hole in a capsule and insert it into my vagina to help soften my cervix(I was only 1cm when I started to take it). I guess it worked for me because a few days later I gave birth. I would still sugest talking to your doctor or midwife before you take anything.
Hope this helps and good luck to all the moms out there.

tab March 13, 2012 at 9:05 am

well i am at a 2 already this being my 4th child id figure labor usually comes faster..right?welllllllll baby dominik is still not here castor oil just caused crampsothing more im taking these pills and i hope it works:)im 50%(+)e faced….so lets hope tht after my two mile walk today baby dominik is brought into the world very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia March 13, 2012 at 6:39 pm

tab let me know if it works for you i am 3 centimeters and not effaced at all but my cervix is very soft and the babys head is very low. i am trying the pills tonight and raspberry leaf tea! good luck!

Sara March 29, 2012 at 5:15 am

Hi, Read all your comments and so here goes, have just inserted one and taken one EPOC
And will repeat tonight. Fingers crossed as I am so ready to have this baby.
Hoping this works as all the other methods don’t really appeal xx

Mikki April 12, 2012 at 6:40 pm

I’m not sure if it completely works yet or not- Last week I started having false labor on Friday- Sunday night I used 1 EPO inside and took one orally. I didn’t feel comfortable inserting it internally so I took 1 the next day then the next day went to 2. So I took 2 EPO for 2 days and went back to the doctor today. Last Friday when I was checked the baby was low- but my cervix was still completely hard and tilted back still. Today my midwife told me I was super soft—mushy soft like a very ripe banana. If you’re baby is down and it’s close time for your labor- EPO will help things along- it only took 4 days to help me and hopefully within the weekend our baby girl will arrive! But I believe it only helps if you’re body is trying to get ready, just needing a little help. And it doesn’t give you direahha and dehydration like castor oil can!

sherika martin August 1, 2012 at 11:46 pm

Well I have been taken oil pills for two weeks and it haven’t work I am 39weeks

Brandie October 5, 2012 at 11:59 am

I just started epo last night I was told to take one orally and insert one 2x a day so here’s to hoping I’m so ready to not be pregnant anymore :)

Barbara May 28, 2013 at 2:03 pm

So this really does work??? Oh lord I hope so because Im 36weeks and 3days so Im going to try Friday when Im 37

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